The 3 Main Types of Motorhomes: A Brief Guide

When shopping for an RV that lets you take to the road without a hitch, it’s important to know what the various types of motorhomes are. You increase the chances that the recreational vehicle option you choose, whether caravans or pop up camper trailers, is the one that’s best suited for your needs by understanding the options available.

While it may be that the specifications of RVs vary so widely that a list of these vehicles could be broken down into numerous subgroups, the fact remains that there are only 3 main classes of motorhomes.

Class A: The Large and Luxurious

There are some wealthy people who spend their riches on yachts or private jets, and others who love riding the highways in their very own custom-built luxury RVs. It’s not rare for a class A caravan to cost well more than $1 million.

Class A motorhomes are constructed on the chassis of either a commercial bus, or commercial truck. These are they that resemble a bus, with their large windows and large flat front. In fact, some RVs of this class are actual buses that have been converted into an RV.

With dramatic slide-outs creating plenty of room, full bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and more, class A RVs are ideal for large families and those who love to travel the highways in spectacular style.

Class B: The Conversion Van Home

There are a few reasons why an RV lover wouldn’t want a class A caravan besides the price of purchase, gas, and maintenance. Some find they don’t want to deal with having to drive something so large, or feel that they just don’t need so much space. For these travelers, it’s choosing a class B motorhome that makes the most sense.

A class B vehicle is the one that looks most like a conversion van. In conversion vans are used in the making of this type of RV.

Those who opt for a class B RV can expect to have most of the same comforts they can expect from a class A, just in a much smaller space. There’s still the bed, bathroom, and cooking space, often including microwave, refrigerator, stove-top, and even dishwasher.

This class of camper is best for singles and families of 2. Some class B motorhomes are large enough to hold up to 4 people.

Class C: The Truck or Van Front

Ever seen one of those recreational vehicles that look like someone sawed off the front of a van or truck and then wielded a camper onto it? That’s basically what a class C camper is.

It’s the signature cab-over profile that makes class C motorhomes stand apart from the rest. With these, the driver is separated from what’s going on throughout the rest of the home, and the living space tends to be much smaller even than that found in class B.

Again, this class of caravan is ideal for singles and couples. A family of four may feel a bit crowded in one of these.

touring with a camper

Choosing the Right Class for You

Even within each class of motorhomes New Zealand there can be many variations. For example, although some class B ones don’t have a closed-in bedroom, some do. Moreover, while most class A camper could be considered expensive, there are some that cost much less.

The main thing to consider is the number of people that will be staying in the home, and what type of lifestyle you expect to live while on the road. Those who want a recreational vehicle just to skip renting hotels while on the road might require less features than those who want to fully live the RV lifestyle.